Saturday, 10 March 2012

Joe Brooks Trio Live in Malaysia 2012

couldn't rotate
Me and my sister went to Joe Brooks Trio Live last Saturday! 
It was great, awesome, fantabulous, magnificent 
and double thumbs up!

Joe Brooks Trio Live at KL Live

Joe Brooks sang more than 10 songs that day. 
He sang,

Till My Heart Stop Beating
For you
I Find the Light in you
Holes Inside
Hello Mr Sun 
These Broken Hands are Mine 
World at Our Feet
Toronto *New song!* 

Joe Brooks' singing Toronto and he rock it with harmonica

and he also did Jessie J cover, 
 Do it Like a Dude 
Price Tag

The cover he did is very very very very very nicceeeeeeeeeee!!! 
After the concert, they held a CD and merchandise autograph session on the spot. 
Me and my sister got our CD signed! 
He also dropped by at my college a few days before the concert 
for a short while for meet and greets. 
Are you jelly?

I'm really glad that I went to his concert cause 
he sounds really really really really really good in LIVE!
with his guitar, the lighting and everything (atmosphere was super!)
I saw a couple hugging and swinging slowly in front of me to the slow song.
I know is lovely and awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
BUT! somehow they are blocking my view haha =.=

and of course Matt (drummer) and Clinton (keyboardist) sing well too.
Their voices goes/harmonized well with Joe's (my opinion)
I noticed that sometimes Matt keep looking at Joe.
I read some where before that he said he keep looking at Joe
because he wants to coordinate with Joe (if I'm not mistaken)

It was an awesome concert.
Me and my sister kept talking about them the whole night and
also the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day.....
We were kind of obsessed at that time being (yes I admit :P)
I tell you I will regret forever if  I didn't go that night! 
I kid you not. 

The stage 

Joe Brooks 

Matt de La Garza - the drummer

Clinton Babers - the keyboardist