Friday, 27 January 2012

Smelly Tofu

Ta-da! This is Smelly Tofu!! 

I wanted to buy this since long time ago. 
So I bought it when I saw it at Sri Petaling Pasar Malam. 
4 pieces for RM2.50

This is my first time try smelly tofu so I was kinda excited when I bought it hehe =D
They served it with chilli sauce and pickles cabbage!

First of all, it smell like um... chicken shit. 
My mom, my sis and I thought someone selling chicken at Pasar Malam there 
'cause of the smell but its turns out 
is the Smelly Tofu's smell!! 
*Shocked! Shocked! Surprised! Surprised!*  
The smell... is bearable though.

Ok I... don't like it. 
I don't like how and when the liquid bust out in my mouth when I bite it. 
It felt very 'geli'! 
I only managed to eat 2 out of 4 pieces 
but my mom and my sis only ate 1 small bite. 
*coz I eat it like a boss! haha*



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